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Inroduction of IYF: A message to Youth

Dear Youth and Friends

Have we ever wondered about this vast universe which we live in? The cycles of day and night, the systematic rising and setting of the sun and the moon, the innumerous rivers and oceans travelling on the path fixed for them, the journey of millions and billions of such objects without a single clash or collision, and our own selves itself; are not all these a clear proof that this universe is indeed governed a creator & master and he is only one and the single?!!

But did we ever give any thought to this great creator & master of ours? Did we ever stop for a moment and thought that what rights He possesses on us and what rights do we have on Him? And what has He told us about the very purpose of our lives?

Quran: The Guardian of Justice

Beloved friends! Allah made humans the most superior and honored creation and fulfilled all his needs required to live in this world. Apart from these material needs, our most Gracious and merciful master has also taken care of our need for guidance and has sent down a series of prophets and revealed books. The last book of ultimate guidance He has sent is The Quran.

History bears witness that a time when Quran was the constitution and leader of human life then world enjoyed justice, peace and tranquility. But now, when people have rebelled against this guidance, the world is in pain of wars, injustice and tyranny.

Youth – The Most Precious Treasure

Dear friends! The study of history reveals that it is the virtuous youngsters that have always played a critical role in eradication of injustice, disorder and tyranny from this world. Because all the ‘powers of change’ naturally resides with the youth and it is a fact that without these powers no revolution can be brought about in history. Is it not a matter of fact that youth of a community are its most important asset and whole of its future? And rise and fall of the community is rooted in the rise and fall of its youth?! Companions of Mohammad (SAW), companions of Musa (AS) and the people of cave (Ashaab e kahaf) were all youngsters. And they are the best example for us to follow.

But Alas! Our Youngsters Today

Is it not a reality today that our youth is:

Unaware of its purpose of life

Far drifted from the Allah’s guidance and Mohammad’s (SAW) life

Stricken with immorality and indecency, and

Materialism has made him negligent of Akhiraht


If we do not begin to follow the path of Mohammad’s (SAW) companions, if we do not associate ourselves consciously with our life’s purpose and do not prefer Akhirat (unlimited life after this world) over the short life of this world. Then beware that we will be faced with such a terrible end which will be a great failure of this world and an ultimate failure in the life of Akhirat, the eternal end.

The Background of Establishment of IYF

To recall the Muslim youth about this forgotten message and to reconnect them with their purpose of life various student organizations had been working in different states. In order to create an interlinking between them a joint platform was founded the name of Federation of Islamic Youth Organizations (FIYO) on 11 January 2009. Soon, different groups of active students and young people took over its membership. Since its inception, FIYO and its member organizations have been striving to nurture high character and capabilities in youngsters and students, to inculcate an Islamic attitude & mind in them and to instill a passion of sacrifice for the renaissance of Islam. To accomplish it, various activities were carried out at different levels. Moreover, to revitalize the Muslim community (ummat e muslima) seminars, conferences and campaigns on different topics were organized and many other activities were carried out to promote this cause nationwide.

At the end of 2018, FIYO and its member groups, for the purpose of working in more efficient way, to spread the message far and wide and to achieve their goal swiftly, decided to merge themselves into a single national level student organization. Eventually, on 31 March 2019 all these groups and organizations merged and united as one organization. This organization was named Islamic Youth Federation whose aim is-

‘To achieve the pleasure of Almighty Allah through establishment of Islam in individual and collective lives.’

Motives and Activities

  • To prepare a cadre of virtuous, moral, competent, courageous, devoted and vigilant students and youth.
  • To call students and youth towards the goal of IYF and to persistently struggle for it.
  • To encourage students and youth to acquire knowledge of Quran and Sunnat and to make arrangements for the same.
  • To organize students and youth and to shape their lives according to Islam.
  • To train students and youth intellectually, educationally and physically.
  • To try to eliminate moral degradation, sexual anarchy and mental slavery.
  • To create awareness about national and community issues among students and youth.
  • To create leadership among students and youth.
  • To purify the indecent environment of college, campus and society.
  • To create awareness against prevailing irrational educational system and to try safeguard students from its adverse effects.
  • To struggle for legitimate rights of students and to guide them in their educational institutions.
  • To establish library and study circle for students and youth. Moreover, to organize seminars, symposiums, conferences etc.
  • To organize various types of competitive activities among students and youth.
  • To create an effective system of welfare service and to help the needy students up to our fullest capacity.
  • To present the message of Islam to Non-Muslim students and youth and to call them towards it.
  • To try to solve the national and community issues within our capacity.

IF !!!

  • You wish to make yourself and your family purposeful,
  • You wish to convert your society into the best and exemplary society,
  • You wish that people take Quran as their sole guide,
  • You wish to eliminate oppression and anarchy and establish justice and peace,
  • You wish to liberate the humans from human dominance and bring the humanity under the rule of Allah,
  • You wish your school, college, campus, hostel, streets and cities to live belief (iman) and Islam in vision, mission and action,
  • And above all, you wish to put your precious youth in service (obedience) to Allah….

Then Come Forth!

To attain the happiness of Allah and achieve Jannat (Heaven) join the effort and struggle of dominating of the motto ‘La ilaaha illallaah’ (There is no God and sovereign except Allah) and making Quran the constitution of lives of humans. Become an integral part of this important student and youth organization Islamic Youth Federation (IYF). And sacrifice the most important and precious phase of your life, your youth, in the path of your creator and lord, Allah.

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